We do our best just only because your the most important day will be ideal. We can organise extra artistic performance such as cabaret, operetta recital, barman show, fireworks show or performance on stilts and circus display. Of course if young couple have these wishes. We can invite famous artists from the first pages of the magazines. Just only for you and your guests.

Helicopter to the wedding reception

You can give only one, unique and great present. As the only one in the Poland we provide flowers and presents on the marriage, wedding receptions and others celebration up front of young couples or other addressee by helicopter. Our pilot gives personally flowers and gifts. It is opportunity to take photos from the air, too. We are avaiable on the area of Silesian, Lesser and Opole voivodeihip.


Ideal attraction for wedding reception, prom or business event. How does it work? Choose START buttom on touch screen, automat takes photos and you have good fun, after several seconds you receive ready, printed photos.

Illusionist King Maciej

What is the magic? Magic isn't cards, coins or flying pigeons. Magic is emotions which you can experience. King Maciej is incredibly, enormous, inconceivably shy illusionist. Non-official consultant for recruiting matters connected with dancers in most of self-respecting night clubs with strip show in West Europe. In United Arab Emirates and in Dubai he worked as private designer of harem, but he had to run away from there when he realised taht he was also their tester.


Feniks company from Mysłowice offers broad choice of fireworks. Feniks presents fireworks show to self-reliant rocket firing- wedding receptions, urban, housing estate and parochial feasts, business meeting. For undecided clients we serve advice and help in choice of fireworks. Feniks company handles wholesale and retail sell of fireworks.Fireworks are usually bought only once in the year, often on bazaars or supermarkets, where shop assistants don't know what they sell. You look at apperance or low prices and these things not always achieve your expectations. If you use our services, you will avoid disappointment.

Lighting and special effects

Coolcolor is a group of freaks for who the main priority is creation of beautiful light. This team consists of experienced young people, experts in their domains, who treat their job seriously and enthustiastically . We do lighting and staining each kind of events, from the smallest business meeting, wedding reception and occasional celebrations to big artistic shows. Enormous experience and using of the newest lighting techology let us create unique and admiring character of every place. Important element of our work is quality, creativity and care of estetic advantage.We love beautiful lighting and our the best offert we offer...

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