History of taste

Bończyk Shaft is an unusual place. This is a place where history meets with present. This is a place where tradition has its the best taste. In one of few places in Poland with mining landscape where takes place the most important events in your life. You invite guests for your celebration, spend great moments with brilliant company, work during important conference, show your display to the world , listen to the sounds of music played on live.

 Banqueting and conferential compound "Bończyk Shaft" is inimitable place on gastronomic map of Upper Silesia. It consists of four halls, which can seat even 160 wedding guests. Banqueting halls are located in working in 1911-1990 mining works.


On 18 May 1837 was upstanding mine. It was a day of setting mining place "Danzing", located on mining area of Mysłowice Mine. The first owners were Aleksander Mieroszewski, mayor of Mysłowice Fryderyk Gawron, merchant Loebel Danzinger, Antoni Kołodziejski from Szopienice( a district of Katowice) and Franciszek Winckler. In 1901 Myslowitzgrube was the first minig work in the world, where on industrial scale was using hydraulic proppant for filling bareness after coal expoitation. Eight years later developed one of the oldest sport club in Silesia- Górnik 09 Mysłowice. There were playing miners from Mysłowice Mine and their family.


Very important day was 16 August 1919. This time Grenzschutszu soldiers attacted waiting for the money miners of Mysłowice Mine and their family. There were died 7 people and several dozen people was hurt. This occurence was one of the reason of explosion I Silesian Rebellion. The most shocking moment in the history was year 1987. In Mysłowice Mine was explosion of coal dust and as a result 18 miners died. On 9 January 2004 the president Lech Wałęsa took nomination on "Honorary Mining General" from the economy viceminister Jacek Piechota, which was invested by chairman of Katowice's Mining Holding Stanisław Gajos. 1st January 2007 Mysłowice Mine was connected with KWK "Wesoła" under cooperative name KWK "Mysłowice-Wesoła" This was the time of real shouting down Mysłowice Mine.


Bończyk Shaft started its existence over 100 years ago, firstly it was named "Otto", which was ventilator shaft and helped KWK Mysłowice. Buildings of shaft had hoisting machine with two cages for carrying materials and ventilators. Machine with power 160 KM and Koepe's targes was one of the most modern those times. In 1984 Bończyk Shaft was abolished and from day to day it started ruin slowly. Then 10 years after closing, this building was held by the main mine and was guarded by porter. In 1994 this object was intercepted by the first copartnership and they started degradation of the area. They exported machines for example original hoisting machine and shaft tower was cut into pieces. The last elements were removed for example windows and other metal elements by men who collect scrap-metal.  


Probably none of working there miners couldn't believe that after industry time, Bończyk Shaft becomes gastronomic diamond in the region. Almost nobody think that this banqueting and conferential compound on destroyed mining area can be succesful. The difficulty of reneval these objects was ventured by Aneta and Maciej Sikora. They got involved their free time, energy and savings in cleaning, rebuilding and planning works, which last endless from 2007. With cooperation with planning company S.C. Decorum 3 Jan Dybała from Mysłowic, they realized together great results. After three years of cleaning and designing area, they got permission for building in 2009, And then after the next three years the first guests started discover the new history of Bończyk Shaft.  

ssBończyk Shaft is an unusual place, which was born from dream and became reality.

Here we can organise for you wedding reception, birthday party, communion but also conference or concert. Postindustrial landscape especially is enjoyed by young couple, who look for ideal place for this only one celebration in life. With thoughts about them, owners of Bończyk Shaft prepared extra attractions. Wedding guests can welcome children in traditional silesian outfits, wedding concert can be performed by mountain orchestra and popular silesian artists. Silesian cuisine is not only chicken soup, roulade and red cabbage but also water soup, traditional potato salad, bread with fat, specially prepared herring or variety of sausages.

If you look for ideal place for celebration or conference and want that guests feel real atmosphere of silesian area? You needn't look for anymore- there is this place. It is Bończyk Shaft.




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